I was getting tired of driving up and down this long country road that went through the Mark Twain National Forrest in Missouri just looking for a sign, a post, anything that said turn here to go to Falling Spring Mill. Nothing could be found in the least to tell you where this place was except for a map sitting in the passenger seat of my car. Finally I decided to take this lonely looking road of to my right. This road snaked down this forest filled mountain side and ended up in a valley that, I sure would have made an Ozark family happy as a lark to settle down in. After a later reading about this area, that is just what happened in the 1850s.

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There it was standing just as it did back in 1927 when it was built, Falling Spring Mill. It is really the youngest mill in Missouri. You can see the falling spring behind the old mill that gave it its power for grinding corn in those early days as well as sawing shingles and firewood. The mill now is owned and run by the Forrest Service today. I guess it was worth the search to find this little gem of a place, so if you go take a good map with you.


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