Rhyme By The Bog

Rhyme By The Bog

‘i ought-ter
be in water
’twould be less hotter,’
said the otter

‘on the top
where i can hop
there’s not a drop,’
said frog, ‘full stop’

‘it’s a fact,’
said the cat,
‘dry’s where it’s at,
and that’s that’

said the eel,
‘wetness, i feel,
is so ideal
that i could squeal’

‘in the bog,’
said the dog,
‘one goes full hog
while eating frog’

‘you, a dog,’ spake the cat
‘are addicted to frog, so much that
you eat like a hog, you’ll get so fat
you’ll sink in that bog, and drown like a rat’

‘what’s wrong with that?’ said the eel
‘drown like a rat? oh! big deal!
wet’s where it’s at, and water’s ideal!
so tel’er to skat, dog, and get for real!’

‘i’m snubbed!’ said the frog. ‘…and i,’ spake the rat
‘ate by a dog?’ ‘drowned by a cat?’
‘and i,’ said the hog. ‘defamed by that
feline and dog! knock ‘em both flat!’

and so, with a squeal
and a rubber gloved eel,
the pig went to deal
a hundred and ninety nine
volts to the dog and feline

so doggone
and cat’s skat
’tis less hotter by the water
now and that’s that

by Robby Charters



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