Everything Has Its Season

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The shores of the White River not far from the Ozark town of Tecumseh Missouri seems to bring out fishermen and rafters from all over the country. Big brown trout and wild rainbows are ready for the taking as you wade out from the shore line. As your fly races out to your catch you might see the rafters turning the bend just before they reach the white waters.

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This section around the old Dawt Mill is designated a Red Ribbon Area and is considered fly fishing paradise by the experts.

Everything Has Its Season

Born in late winter and populated with
fingers of trees still naked and grasping for the dull tin pie plate
that passes for the sun in that cold country, the season begins.
It begins with fly boxes fattened with
speculation, cabin fever and hope,
books with folded corners,
maps torn with folding and re-folding,
the click of a reel in the basement.

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And then somehow the season ends
with a last trip, a last fish.
And with fly boxes thin and gaunt and
in need of filling.


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