I Miss My Dog

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I Miss My Dog

My dog Christy lost her will to carry on with her little life last week. She was 10 years and 11 months old and my best friend in the entire world. Now that she’s gone it seems that every moment of thought that goes through my mind she’s a part of it. Leftover steak or the last morsel of that t-bone I gave her, the walks to her favorite parks and lake. The part of the sofa she loved still awaits her. I always find myself looking around for her then realizing she’s no longer here. As I walk out I’ll cry out “I’ll be right back”   I remember when I was 12 or 13 I lost my spaniel, Dusty. I came home from school and found my dad out in the back yard digging a hole. I asked him what he was doing, he answered with ‘old Dusty died and I am digging a place to bury him’. Ok dad, I’ll just go in and do my homework now. Rather an uneventful happening as I look back on that day, though I do have fond memories of old Dusty.

Our faithful loving pets seem to come and go in our lives but there are a few of our pets that really mean so much to us. It must be the time in our lives that pets enter that matters; that period we most desperatly need someone. Then they are gone, leaving that empy void they were placed there to fill,  you will swear, by God himself.

I made some videos of my dog Christy some time back on a few of her walks around the lake she loved so much. I remember I even put music to it; everyone that watched the video thought it was halarous. I’m glad I did that.   RIP little friend.     Featured imageFeatured image


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