Let’s Live Forever On This Earth or Should We Bother Trying?

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Humans are obsessed with living forever; store shelves are filled with products and books that promise to produce immortality. Fear of death makes immortality appear to be a better option. You hear about those who want there bodies frozen only to bring them back to life upon the hopes that a new cure has come up to continue their lives. Others have invested millions of dollars in trying to make themselves live longer than most of their younger family members. However, living forever has its drawbacks. Movies and books produced about the possibility of immortal creatures often focus on the negative aspects of living forever.

Let’s look first at some positive aspects of living say to just past 120 years old. Will you leave the world in a few short years, having made a difference? Will your family remember you as a strong provider, parent or grandparent? Living longer will help assure this even more if you haven’t accomplished any of these in your life. Now, most people on this earth have had ample opportunity to become successful and accomplish all in their life by at least 80 years of age. If you haven’t then something is wrong somewhere. But, imagine finally having the time and ability to travel and explore the world. Imagine never being too sick or tired to play an active role in the lives of your children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren. All this can be yours if there is no limit on our human lifespan. What, no limit you say? Yes, no limit. I’ll explain why here.

Doctors have already discovered an immortality gene hidden in our DNA that can literally be turned on with just four injections a year. It will unlock the aging process and allow our bodies to return to the health and vitality we had in our 30s, and stay there indefinitely. Think of what this means. This changes the world as we know it. It changes science altogether. Living forever? No more age related diseases. If you don’t die from a horrible accident in your lifetime you will live forever with these injections. In as little as two years, these treatments could be distributed to medical facilities across North America. Sounds unbelievable right?

I thought this over very carefully; do I wish to live forever. I don’t think it is possible, though the scientist and all those involved in these studies say it is. Immortality is not as farfetched as it may sound. In fact it has already been achieved. There are at least nine species of creatures on this earth that have a naturally occurring immortality gene. The lobster is one. As they get older, lobsters continue to grow larger, stronger, and more fertile. Aging is not a death sentence for them. The Turritopsis dohmii jelly fish is immortal. These immortal creatures have a special gene. One that stops the aging process entirely. The scientists that have discovered the secret to immortality say we have this same gene in our bodies and that when we were born this gene was turned off.

There is a book out called Unlocking the Immortality Gene that gives you the information and opportunity to invest in the company that will put these treatments out and as part owner they will pay for your lifetime of treatments to join the lucky folks who have decided to live forever.  I’m sure many will take advantage of these treatments, but at what cost?

With more than seven billion people on the planet, as of 2011, scientists have already begun to speculate how long natural resources like oil will last before resources are completely depleted. If no one ever died, humans would quickly drain the planet of its natural resources. Land for growing food would disappear, and the only way to sustain living conditions would be to build upwards. Without natural resources to sustain life wars could erupt over the limited resources left. Without plants and trees oxygen could become scarce. Without oxygen, a person who could live forever will live in a permanent state of asphyxiation.

Death forces us to find our purpose and to fulfill that purpose in a shorter time. With no motivation to leave behind a legacy, much of the world would be stagnant. Very little progress would take place. The knowledge that we have but a short time on earth is our motivator for posterity and what legacies we leave for our families and the rest of the world. If humans lived forever that urgency and drive would, in all instances, disappear. Not to mention, also, the boredom of having been to every part of the globe and at least dabble in every hobby known to man. If we lived forever violence would become rampant. Part of avoiding conflict is fear of your own mortality. Because you can’t die, that fear is gone. The world would be in utter chaos.

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Is it our right to wish to live forever, I think not. That everlasting and forever living gene that was turned off at our birth most assuredly was tuned off for a purpose.   Ever since Adam and Eve we now await that glorious day of our going to be with our Lord and that, for many, is a happy event for them.  Do you want to live forever?  I sort of like the idea of living and eating the right foods to sustain us on this earth for as long as God want’s us here.  It would be a very sad life to live for an eternity on this earth: seeing everyone around you grow old and die but then again they can get their treatment of injections too right?


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