The Waters Speak At Night


There’s an area where I live that soaks up the rain and leaves a small swamp that seems to house every creature of paradise. When it rains the sound that comes out of this area overtakes the whole neighborhood and continues through for several nights until the area dries up awaiting another down pour to feed its frenzy. Everyone seems unaware of this  orchestra with its timpani coming from our neighborhood swamp but I usually pause to listen and soak up the sound; I find it quite comforting at night especially after a good summer shower. It lets me know our earth is alive and doing very well. Hearing the crickets and the frogs at night brings back memories from my boyhood days camping.  Next time it rains go out at night and listen. You will thank me for it, I guarantee you.

“It’s In The Rain”

Every time the rain comes down, close my eyes and listen. I can hear the lonesome sound of the sky as it cries.

Listen to the rain Here it comes again, hear it in the rain.

Feel the touch of tears that fall they won’t fall forever in the way the day will flow. All things come. All things go.

Listen to the rain , the rain…here it comes again, hear it in the rain.

Late at night I drift away, I can hear you calling. And my name is in the rain, Leaves on trees whispering, Deep blue sea’s mysteries.

Even when this moment ends, Can’t let go this feeling. Everything will come again in the sound, falling down, of the sky as it cries.

Hear my name in the rain.


The Frogs and Toads All Sang

“We’re going to have a party,” The frogs and toads all sang

“We’ve got lemonade and ice cubes And paper lamps to hang.”

The ladies wore long dresses, And the gentlemen wore pants.

The orchestra was ready, So they all began to dance.    

They danced in the meadow.

Featured imagedsc00129(3)signed

They danced in the street.

They danced in the lemonade Just to cool their feet.

By Arnold Lobel


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