The Lake That Was Blessed

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The Lake That Was Blessed

I’ve thought of the lotus flowers that seem to grow from the seedling that is buried in the mud under our lake. They do rather make an interesting picture when photographed in the right light. These flowers use to grow in abundance in the lake, sometime on top of each other as if they were hugging each other for fear of losing the other.  They aren’t there anymore so maybe they were hanging on to each other as they were struggling for life. Someone told me a while back that pesticides were placed along the waters edge up the stream in another neighborhood and its poisons followed the current into our area and killed all the lotus flowers in our side of the lake. Needless to say the folks living in our lake area were pretty upset about it and filed a formal complaint to the city. The damage was done and the lotus flowers have never come back.

Every spring and summer we were all assured of a flowery lake full of blossoms. I took advantage of these times for taking   pictures of as many of the flowers as I could.

The lotus flower has it’s meanings in Buddhism as the flower that rises above the muddy bottom of the water (world), the place of suffering, to achieve enlightenment and purification.  Also it symbolizes creation, and the continual process of birth and rebirth. At night, the lotus flower sleeps and when the sun comes up in mid morning it emerges to life. This I witnessed on many of my morning walks around the lake as I walked my dog.  Just as in nature. Life is born and reborn. Man dies, to be born again. The flower’s full opening petals symbolize the potential for the soul to blossom into beauty and divinity. Go to the annals of Greek mythology. And you read about Ra, the sun god, emerging from lotus petals from the very depths of Nun, or watery chaos. Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world to be resurrected.

The lotus flower’s opening petals symbolize the potential for the soul to expand and blossom into beauty and divinity–the surrender of the mind to the powers above; also its open form symbolizes openness and submissiveness even as the roots are mired in the muddy worldliness. Look at pictures of the Buddha. He is seen meditating on a lotus flower. Thus the lotus position we all know of. He is also seen holding a lotus flower in each hand. Or, look at paintings of the Hindu gods. You see the Goddess Lakshmi, patron of wealth and good fortune, sitting on a fully-bloomed pink lotus flower, a lotus in her right hand.

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It is sad though that our lake is now void of these mystical plants, as though the lake is no longer being blessed from on high. I do know that it is most certainly blessed with turtles.

(some extra information for you: The lotus has a remarkable ability to regulate their own temperature just as humans and animals do. So, if you were to touch a lotus flower in full bloom it will be hot to the touch.)


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