My Pet Squirrel

   This little creature seemed to pop up in this branch of tree almost every other day in the week, mostly in the early morning sun. He seemed to always know I was there taking his photograph since he would stare straight at me without a flinch of a muscle or twitch of the nose. No matter how much noise I would make he would just sit there as if waiting for me to do my aesthetic work on his perfect pose. Well, as you may know, I have taken pictures of this same creature a number of other times throughout the years living here. The balcony awards me the opportunity to shoot this guy almost at eye level. I no longer live there now so I do miss these moments of juxtapose with my friend in the tree.

  Sometimes a nuisance a squirrel will raid your bird feeders and get into your attic, yes I said attic, that can be a pain and I’m sure it had to have been this fella here.  But squirrels do serve an important purpose. When squirrels bury seeds and forget them, these seeds are likely to sprout where they were placed. Because of this, squirrels promote the growth of certain kinds of trees.

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A Little About this Creature:  As omnivores squirrels eat everything from plant matter to insects, birds, and carrion. Their diet depends on what is available in the area they live in. Fox squirrels mainly eat the nuts, flowers, and buds of oak trees and walnut, hickory, and pecan trees. They also eat fruits, seeds, and buds of maple trees, mulberry, hackberry, elms, buckeyes, horse chestnuts, wild cherries, dogwoods, hawthorn, hazelnut, ginkgo, and pine seeds.  All these nutrients can come from oak trees, beech trees, and other trees which produce nuts.

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Featured image

 Also when available they eat edible varieties of fungus.

They have a penchant for oak trees, beech trees, and other trees which produce nuts.  Naturally, nuts are a large part of their diet, along with berries and seeds.  The grey squirrel sometimes dine on bird eggs, not to mention birds themselves when they are nestling, and on insects.   In the spring time especially, they are sometimes fond of various kinds of vegetation.


2 thoughts on “My Pet Squirrel

  1. Although you’re obviously not suggesting anyone keep a squirrel as a pet, just thought I’d mention…they do NOT domesticate well. Everyone, leave the wildlife outside! 🙂

    (We had an acquaintance who rescued a baby squirrel and then kept it in a big cage in his house. I met the poor creature about a year later. He was absolutely insane and obviously wanted to get outside…)


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